LEMA apprentices are the future of your workforce.

All of our apprentices start on a 6 week pre-apprenticeship where we teach them the basics of engineering and get them ready for work. We take this opportunity to evaluate the apprentices and remove any who aren’t ready for work, leaving our employers with a selection of candidates who have a passion to learn and a desire to work.

100% of our employers rate us as Very Good/ Excellent when asked if our training reflects up to date practices in their industry/sector (2016)

One of our Employer Liaison Executives will come out to meet with the employer at a time and place that best suits the employer. There they can discuss the apprenticeship in more detail and this allows us to find the employer a candidate perfect for them! Taking into account their location, type of engineer etc. We also take on 4 cohorts of apprentices a year so that we have candidates readily available all year round.

88% of our employers gave us 8/10* or higher when asked how likely they would be to recommend us to another employer (2016) *10 being highly likely

All of our apprentices will complete a level 2 in Performing Engineering Operations. Once this is complete you and the apprentice will discuss whether to progress them onto one of our Level 3 pathways.

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